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Word of Faith Community Services Depot offers the following services:

The lack of economic access contributes to the inability of community members to purchase healthier foods.  WOF Community Services Depot partners with Word of Faith International Ministries to provide: The Food Pantry which distributes food to the needy and provides access to healthy and basic food supplies;

Objectives & Outcomes
Provide the underserved community members greater access to nutritious food.  

• Expanded hours and days available for more community members in need of food.
• Expanded agency network infrastructure to support growth.
• Increased staff to support this expansion.


Word of Faith Community Services Depot organize and plan educational events, as well as publications,
to educate our community on subjects that are helpful in striving toward a healthier lifestyle; physically, mentally, and psychologically.
Word of Faith Community Services Depot’s in -house resources (an array of educators, nurses and other health professionals, policemen, and volunteers) will provide important information on community safety, parenting, adult and child abuse, healthy eating, and health issues: diabetes, heart problems, and exercise.  The goal is to educate community members on how to nurture the mind and body for a healthy lifestyle.  Information is also provided through the distribution of pamphlets, newsletters, slide shows, videos and social media
Word of Faith Community Services Depot Education Component provides information on:

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles

• Shares new ways to cook and eat healthier by adding fruits and vegetables to daily diets;
• provide seminars, group discussions, and workshops for our community members; and/or
• presentations and demonstrations on preparing a healthy meal on a slim budget.
This approach to sharing information is essential to support and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Create client-center programs -
• Provide informational sessions on selecting healthy food - more vegetables and fruits.
• Provide presentations or demonstrations on selecting and cooking healthy foods.

Empowering Parenting in Today’s Society

Word of Faith Community Services Depot hosts an annual four-part parent series. This Parenting Series focuses on parental perceptions of child behavior,
parent-child relationships, positive, negative child behavior, bringing awareness to the child’s emotional social, intellectual progress.

Our goal is to reach out to our surrounding community parents to provide educational support and a network system with an emphasis on the child-parent relationship

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